Dear fellow assessment- and assessment-adjacent professionals,

It is my honor and privilege to present to you the Spring 2023 issue of the Assessment Review! 2022-2023 has been a transitional year for our editorial team, as we lost both of our senior editors last June – Richard LaManna (Bronx CC) to retirement and Brian Buckwald (Hunter College) to a non-assessment-related job. We are all deeply grateful for all the work, energy and passion that Richard and Brian brought to the Review during their years as co-senior editors!

Since Richard and Brian’s departures, we have shifted to a team-centered editorial approach, with special thanks to Melissa Sultana (Baruch College), Loida Vicki Cedeno  (Borough of Manhattan CC), Nazia Naeem (York College), and Christopher Lee (CUNY Institute of Technology). We are seeking additional members for our editorial team, including for the position(s) of Senior Editor – click here for more information if you might be interested, and feel free to reach out to me or any other member of the Assessment Review team if you have any questions!

Our Spring 2023 issue contains three articles of different natures, from different regions of the United States, and on different topics within the world of assessment. First, from Bronx Community College, we are excited to present Grace Tursi-Wenzler and George Patchoros’ award-winning article, “Satisfying Program-Level Outcomes by Integrating Primary Literature into the Online Classroom,” as a reprint from the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology. This article discusses the use of primary literature in formative assessments to improve student learning outcomes assessment.

Next, from Santa Ana College (CA), Jarek Janio brings us a thought-piece titled “Nothing but Skill,” which takes a deep dive into the relationship between behavior and skill demonstration, centered on the importance of conducting equity-centered assessment. I look forward to your reactions to this article – Dr. Janio’s article, like every article in Assessment Review, has a comment section!

Finally, from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Belinda Bevins-Knabe and Joanne Liebman Matson we have “Making General Education Visible.” This article looks into the normative question of the best ways of informing various publics (student, faculty, parents, accreditors, etc.) about institutional general educational learning outcomes, and the empirical question of how a sample of American colleges and universities actually present their general education programs on their web domains. They conclude with a set of very useful suggestions on how we can all make general assessment more visible on our campuses.

We hope you will enjoy and learn from this varied and informative selection of articles covering a wide range of topics within the world of assessment! At this time, we are welcoming submissions for our Fall 2023 issue! Click here for more information on our submission process. Again, we hope you enjoy the articles in this issue, and that you have relaxing and productive summers!

With warm regards,

Co-Lead Editor, Joel Bloom (Hunter College)

On behalf of the Assessment Review Editorial Team


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