Satisfying Program-Level Outcomes by Integrating Primary Literature into the Online Classroom


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a paradigm shift from traditional classroom instruction to remote online modalities. To provide the most current and relevant information on nuclear medi- cine technology to students without access to traditional resources on a college campus, it has become imperative that primary literature within the field be made readily accessible. Nuclear medicine technol- ogy students at Bronx Community College are being taught to use the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology as the basis for their required presentations, which span the curriculum. Guided by instructors who are armed with a rubric ultimately used as a formative assessment tool, the students are required to explore current articles from the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology and ultimately present their findings to their cohort. By design, this article-share project has successfully been implemented as a principal metric in satisfying the program accreditation requirements of the Joint Review Committee on Nuclear Medicine Technology while also being conducive to increasing oral presentation skills and cohort socialization…

For full article please visit the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology.



George Patchoros is an Assistant Professor with the Engineering, Physics & Technology Department at Bronx Community College. He is the department representative to the colleges Assessment Council, as well as acting Deputy Chairperson.



Grace Tursi-Wenzler has been the acting Program Director for Nuclear Medicine Technology and Bronx Community College since 2018. She is a licensed Nuclear Medicine Technologist with additional certifications in Computed Tomography, and Assistant Professor at BCC.




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