From The Assessment Review Editorial Staff (Vol 5, Issue 1)

Dear Assessment Colleagues,

Our team here at The Assessment Review are extremely excited to present to you our Spring 2024 issue! For this release we have a great collection of six varied articles from across the United States as well as an article from our neighbors in Canada.

First off, we have a pair of articles looking at the impact of AI and Machine Learning in higher education. With Dr. Eliana El Khoury’s article, “Mapping the Response to AI and Its Impact on Assessment Redesign Through Document Analysis”, the reader is given a look at how institutions acknowledge and respond to the integration of AI into the design of the assessment process. Looking at a more specific aspect of AI, Dr. Rebecca E. Goldstein’s article “Using Student Affairs Ethics to Provide Guidance for a Machine Learning Workflow” examines how machine learning can be harnessed for the benefit of our students.

Next, we shift our focus from AI and machine learning to look at empowering both faculty and students through a more human lens. Dr. Will Miller, with his article “Emphasizing Agency in Assisting Faculty to Improve Student Learning”, explores the duality of assessment and accreditation. Furthermore, Dr. Miller speaks on the tension between institutional improvement and external governing bodies. The piece “Design, Implementation, and Assessment of a Student Pharmacist Elective Course on Emotional Awareness”, from the team at Western New England University (WNEU), makes the argument that emotional intelligence is an important part of patient-centered care. WNEU has developed a course to make sure that the next generation of pharmacists are exposed to ideas that will improve patient engagement and trust.

Finally, we are given insight on assessment design and the products of effective assessment design. In “From the Knowledge Dimension to Assessment Design: A Theory to Practice Assessment Framework”, Dr. Eric Page proposes a framework that hopes to map the intersections between assessment goals and their measures. With the piece “Moving Forward by Reflecting Back: Key Lessons Learned from Multi-Disciplinary Faculty Driven General Education Assessment”, the team at Virginia Commonwealth University would like to share the lessons learned while revising their general education program.

To all of our contributing authors, on behalf of The Assessment Review Editorial Team, we thank you for trust and patience as we put together this volume’s packed issue. To all of our readers, please enjoy and we hope that you may all take something of value from this fantastic collection of work.

As always, we are welcoming submissions for our next issue. If interested, please review our submission policies here: Submission Policies

With warm regards,

Co-Lead Editor, Christopher Lee (New York City College of Technology)

On behalf of The Assessment Review Editorial Team

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