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Creating a Charrette Process to Ignite the Conversation on Equity and Inclusion

The gaps in graduation and retention rates between ethnic and gender groups continue to be a foremost area of focus at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), The City University of New York (CUNY). Equity and inclusion is also a critical concern as it relates to faculty and staff. At BMCC, a college-wide initiative, Designing […]

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Assessing Student Learning In Distance Learning Environments

Thinking carefully about how we can support our students in achieving the learning goals we set for them is what assessment is all about. A good assessment strategy can both inform your teaching and support your students in the new distance-learning environment. The information below is intended to help Queens College instructors assess […]

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Assessment Pioneers Inspire Best Practices in Community Colleges

One of the earliest widely distributed and read statements of assessment was the 2004 book Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide by Prof. Linda Suskie, one of three important books on outcomes assessment published in that year. Fifteen years ago, the field of outcomes assessment was loosely structured and […]

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Ensuring Student Success: Using Formative Assessment as the Key to Communication and Compassion Among Faculty, Students, and Staff

A popular New York Times Op‐ed laments the waste of time, energy, and resources on the pointless exercise of learning outcomes assessment (Worthen, 2018). The article exemplifies how the purpose, value, and process of assessment are utterly misunderstood by many in higher education. The etymology of […]

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