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Accounts or suggested approaches in shaping workplace culture to support assessment efforts, and/or toward a culture of evidence.

Combatting a Compliance Mindset by Advocating for Betterment

While accreditation work consists of adherence to standards and criteria, too often efforts are reduced to simply a compliance mindset to satisfy accreditors (Ewell, 2009; Gaston, 2018; Levy et al., 2018). To combat a compliance mindset with accreditation work, this article encourages a betterment approach to promote continuous improvement rather than focusing solely on meeting […]

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Assessment at an Urban Community College: From Resistance to Discovery

Over the past decade, resistance to assessment has dwindled, no doubt because of two factors. One is compliance. Regional accreditors across the country are exerting more pressure and enforcing stricter oversight at institutes of higher education under the pressure of the federal government. Rather than risk […]

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Creating a Charrette Process to Ignite the Conversation on Equity and Inclusion

The gaps in graduation and retention rates between ethnic and gender groups continue to be a foremost area of focus at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), The City University of New York (CUNY). Equity and inclusion is also a critical concern as it relates to faculty and staff. At BMCC, a college-wide initiative, Designing […]

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